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Roschmann Group
Roschmann Konstruktionen aus Stahl und Glas GmbH
Roschmann Glas GmbH
HeFi SAS, France
Roschmann Steel & Glass Constructions Inc.
Roschmann Konstruktionen aus Stahl und Glas Schweiz AG
The well-known company Roschmann, located in Gersthofen, Bavaria, was founded in 1952. Basic glass in all variations is being processed to insulating glass under the name Roschmann Glas GmbH since then. The special knowledge of glass manufacturing led into the foundation of Roschmann Konstruktionen aus Stahl und Glas GmbH in 1987, which specialized in the manufacturing of individual steel constructions – mainly facades and roofs - combined with insulated glass.

With more than 140 employees projects in Germany and the surrounding countries were executed successfully. Close co-operations with architects and planners allowed and allow the realization of visually and statically demanding buildings - from planning stage down to production and right into installation. The excellent know-how within the highly motivated team has led to the internationalization of the company.

With the acquisition of hefi sas France in 2004, and the foundation of Roschmann Steel and Glass Constructions Inc. situated in New Haven, CT-USA, in 2010, the Roschmann Group created its first international presence.

As logical consequence of ongoing success, the sales office Roschmann Konstruktionen aus Stahl und Glas Schweiz AG was founded in 2014.

With this current set-up and around 200 employees, the Roschmann Group executes projects throughout the entire European and North-American Economic Area today.

The company is ideally positioned and very flexible to consequently implement visionary concepts in steel and glass.
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